Carefree Freedom Wall Mount 3.0M Ocean Blue W/W Vinyl Patio Awning 351188E25 00-0966

Item No: 00-0966
Brand: Carefree
Mfg No: 351188E25
Wt: 52.00
UPC: 740544667825
Manufacturer: Carefree
Availability: 1 in stock

These box awnings open and unfold as you turn the hand crank or push a button (with the 12 volt model only). The support arms fold out of the lead bar once it’s at eye level and within easy reach. The support arms adjust easily with Flip lock controls. To close, just fold the support arms up into the lead rail and crank in the opposite direction - or simply push a button on the motorized awning; the awning case closes and locks automatically. Full or partial extension If you don’t have the space, you can stop at any point and set up the Freedom. The 12V model includes a manual override if power is lost.